DIY Easter Basket Ideas: 10 Eggcellent Options

Easter bonnet with chocolate eggs, yellow roses and signs saying happy easter

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Looking for unique DIY Easter basket ideas in a hurry? Move over, boring baskets! We’ve got rain boots rammed with goodies, cute Easter bunny buckets, and carrot candy cones. We’ve even knocked up a boozy brunch box for mom and her girlfriends. 

At DIY Gifts, we love to create great gift baskets that you can build yourself. Our Easter gift boxes are affordable, very easy to assemble and all of the products we use are accessible – just click the links to purchase, pick up while shopping, or find lying around the house.

We’re always cautious that some of our readers prefer a no or low candy gift basket, so we have included alternative options for each gift option. 

So let’s tuck into these eggcellent homemade Easter baskets for all the family. 

Creative DIY Easter Basket Ideas For All the Family 

1. Easter Mugs For Kids, Tweens, and Adults

Mugs make awesome basket alternatives as they cup chocolate Easter eggs like a hug!

Consider a personalized mug, like a cute bunny one, a funny slogan or a lovely Easter mug.

Prefer an Easter basket without candy?

There are plenty of options to keep kids, tweens, and teens happy on Easter morning.

We’ve made a few recommendations below for this Easter cup idea but you can also check our extensive list for tweens, teens and dogs.

Easter mug with chocolate eggs and bunny on white table

Easter Mugs DIY Basket Shopping List

  • Personalized mug or Easter-themed cup
  • Easter eggs
  • Easter bunny

Non-Candy Alternatives 

  • Fuzzy socks
  • Headband
  • Pastel pens
  • Nail file
  • Chapstick
  • Gift card
Easter cup with headband, chocolate egg, chapstick, cozy socks

2. Easter Bonnet for Kids and Tweens

Use a sun hat you have packed away for next season and fill it with cute chocolate eggs.

Lay an Easter bunny atop the mountain of eggs for a never-ending chocolate surprise!

Easter Bonnet with Eggs Easter Basket Idea

If you plan an egg hunt, hide the first clue to the chocolate egg pile.

Are you in a hurry and not prepared for the great Easter egg hunt around the house? 

Download our free Easter egg hunt clues here. They are printable.

You need only print them out, place them in the right spot, and hide your DIY Easter gifts at the final clue location. 

We have not listed the clues as every house is different, but the items and areas mentioned are common. 

Easter Bonnet with Eggs and chocolate bunny

Easter Bonnet Basket Shopping List 

  • A bonnet or hat
  • Chocolate bunny
  • Chocolate eggs
Easter Bonnet with Eggs Easter Basket Idea with board that says happy easter

3. Rain Boots – DIY Easter Baskets For Toddlers

Make a splash this spring with these cute rain boot Easter baskets!

Anything that holds items makes a great basket alternate, and your little ones will love digging into this unique yet practical idea.

Rain Boot Easter Basket including bubble wand, chocolate bunny, easter coins

Styling these rain boots is a tad more difficult than our other DIY gift basket ideas, but never fear—we have some hacks for you!

Stuff socks or a ball wrapped in tissue paper into each rain boot to help prop up the Easter items.

Rain boot stuffed with socks

Buy Easter gifts that are tall, or that can be attached to the side of the boot with tape.

Bubble wands are ideal as they sit up and take up space in the ankle of the boot.

Rolled-up activity books also work well.

Things that hang off the side of the rain boot are also magic! Headbands, sunglasses, and toys with arms are perfect for balancing.

You can hook some items with a paper clip, as we did with the bag of Easter coins. 

Rain Boot Easter Basket

Rain Boots Basket Shopping List

  • Rain boots
  • Socks
  • Bubble wand
  • Headband
  • Sunglasses
Rain Boot Easter Basket-9

4. Easter Bunny Basket 

OMG! Cuteness overload. Transform a bucket or pail into a homemade Easter basket. 

You need only cut out bunny ears, add a nose, and fill the basket with goodies. 


Making bunny ears from scratch is pretty straightforward, so don’t let the fact you have to craft for this DIY idea put you off. 

I’ve laid out everything you need to know in our guide dedicated to bunny baskets here

Fill the basket with Easter treats – candy or not. 

If the basket is more profound than the number of items you have, use tissue paper to fill up the space or add a bulky item like socks or an upside-down mug. 

Easter Bunny Basket with eggs

Easter Bunny Basket Shopping List 

  • White or pale bucket
  • A4 card
  • Tissue paper
  • Scissor 
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • Putty/Blue Tack
  • Pencil 
  • Chocolate Easter eggs
  • Chocolate Easter bunny

Read this guide for step-by-step instructions on how to make the bunny ears and nose.

Easter Bunny Basket with eggs

5. Easter Bunny Box

The Easter Bunny doesn’t have to only come in bucket form!

Any vessel that holds items will do. 

We had a small box lying about, and it also worked perfectly.

6. Easter Bunny Bag

Don’t have a box? No fear, a brown bag also does the trick.

If the handles get in the way of the bunny ears, you may need to bend or cut them off.

Scavenge about the house to see what reusable items could be used.

Zero-waste gifts are always a winner for your environmentally friendly and conscious kids.

7. Tiered Trays 

We adore tiered trays for DIY gifts.

There’s something sophisticated and decadent about an afternoon tea set.

Easter Tiers Afternoon Tea with chocolate eggs

Tiered trays are so easy to assemble, and you can pack a lot on. 

We created one chocolate egg version and another option with less candy for our Easter tiered tray. 

For the latter, we added pink gifts and complimented them with Baby’s Breath. 

Items you may want to consider include:

  • Bath bombs
  • Face masks 
  • Nail polish
  • Lip gloss
  • Candles 
  • Stationery 
Easter Tiers Afternoon Tea with bath bomb, face mask, lip gloss

You will also need a tiered tray set. Here are a few options: 

  • Stylish tiered tray
  • Farmhouse-style afternoon tea set 

You can then decide if you plan to wrap the Easter tiered tray in cellophane. 

Cellophane is a bit of a nightmare to work with and often feels like trying to get rouge hair into a top ponytail! 

So there you go; handmade Easter baskets can also come in tiered trays, which can be used repeatedly. 

Easter Tiers Afternoon Tea Gift Basket with Cellophane

8. Painted Egg Cartons 

How dreamy are these pink egg cartons stuffed with chocolate eggs? 

We enjoyed the process of painting them, but there are a few things you should consider. 

Firstly, pick up an egg carton that is a light shade with minimum text printed on it. 

Find a carton with a branded sticker that peels off even better.

Test your paint shade of choice before you dive in to double-check that it covers the box. 

Easter Egg Box Painted Craft

We used pink acrylic paint and mixed in white to lighten it. 

You will need two paintbrush sizes: a larger one for coverage and a finer one for the smaller grooves. 

Have a piece of clothing or a rag to clean up the acrylic paint. 

Don’t let the paint get the carton too wet, or it will go soggy and bend out of shape. 

The drying time is around ten minutes. 

Easter Egg Box Painted Craft

Painted Egg Carton Shopping List 

  • Egg carton 
  • Chocolate eggs or bath bombs for non-candy Easter gifts
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush set
  • Water container/dish 
  • Craft table cover

If you don’t have the time or the tools to paint, you can buy toned egg cartons and boxes online .

9. Candy Cones For Easter

Candy cones look enticing and quick to make, so it’s a win-win here at DIY Gifts HQ.

Clean your hands and surfaces. Decide which candy cone you want to make.

Fill it slowly. Twist the top. Grip it shut. Tape it or attach a fastener.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to candy cones, with full details and tips on how to nail the rainbow candy cones!

Perfect for spring.

Candy Cones - four clear cone bags filled with colorful candy and pretzels on white table

Candy Cones Shopping List

  • Candy cone bags which come with twist ties
  • Candy, chips or pretzels

Do you prefer a zero-waste version? See our guide to Easter Charcuterie boards.

Pastel eggs inside a candy cone bag

10. Carrot Candy Cones

If the above level of candy cone activity is not quite crafty enough for you, we hear you!

Why not make a carrot candy cone to level up?

You need only a candy cone bag, twist tie, green tissue paper, and orange candy or chips.

Carrot candy cone with happy Easter sign


Fill the cone with your orange edible of choice.

Place two sheets of green tissue paper on top of each other on a flat surface; see image one.

Put the carrot candy cone on top of the tissue paper.

Cut the tissue paper around the plastic cone bag; see image two.

Add both sheets of green tissue paper to the inside of the cone bag above the candy or chips; see image three.

As with the above cones, twist the bag above the treats and fasten it.

Alternatively, you can fasten the top with green tapefor a tissue-paper-free carrot cone.

11. Parents Mimosa and Bunny Box

OK folks, you’ve done a great job this Easter, and every good turn deserves a reward. 

This Easter box looks so impressive; they’ll never know you built it!  

Cocktail Box Easter Mimosa

All you need is a box big enough for a bottle of fizz, backing paper such as tissue paper, spring flowers like daffodils or yellow roses, and an Easter treat such as cute chocolate bunnies.

If you want to create a cocktail gift basket, add some orange juice packs to the box for Mimosas or Buck’s Fizz.

If you have a lid for the box, you can close it over and decorate or tie a ribbon around it for the big reveal.

It is best to store the alcohol, orange juice, and chocolate in a cool or chilled area. Keep the flowers in water, dry off the stems, and pop them in the box close to presentation time. 

Be careful not to get the tissue paper or the bottom of the box wet. You may need to wipe any condensation or water off the bottle before fixing it in position. 

Cocktail Box Easter Mimosa

Carry the box flat on its back to stop the items from slipping.

This is a classy homemade Easter gift idea that any adult who likes alcohol will enjoy!

Shopping List

  • A large box
  • Tissue paper
  • Ribbon for decoration
  • A bottle of Prosecco or other fizz
  • Flowers such as daffodils or roses
  • Orange juice packs
  • Chocolate bunnies
  • Switch out bunnies for macaroons
  • Candy-free alternative: breakfast croissants or bath bombs

Final Words 

Homemade Easter basket ideas don’t have to cost a monthly salary and come in various shapes and sizes. Anything that acts as a vessel and holds items can make the base for your basket! Whether it’s a mug or bucket, box or bag, there are plenty of options for every budget that will be appreciated as an Easter gift. 

Pin to your Easter board to save for later!

Easter basket ideas for kids using household items and crafty solutions. Easter back ideas can be adapted for tweens, teens and adults too!

What do you think about our Easter basket craft ideas? 
Leave any questions or comments below, and the team will get back to you. 

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