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Looking to create the perfect DIY dog gift basket for your pooch or planning to assemble a hamper for family or friends? This guide details different ideas for creating a doggie gift basket that your furry friend will not only love, but the hooman recipient will also find the items useful.

We recommend new puppies and adult and mature dogs so every canine is catered for! So let’s create a fun dog lover’s gift basket to make their fur babies bark.

Dog Gift Basket Ideas

Doggie Bowl

A large hollow doggie water bowl makes a fun basket stand that you can pack with doggie items and treats.

These stainless steel bowls in the US/UK have grips on the bottom to stop the bowl from sliding around the floor if your dog slurps a little or a lot!

The bottom is flat so your dog can’t flip it over, keeping most of the water inside the bowl.

Stainless steel does not rust, so you will get many years out of these bowls, which is great for the environment.

DIY Dog Basket Easter on white table

Doggie Basket

These cute dog baskets double up as toy storage after the gift is received.

The handles make it easy to carry, and the material is easily wiped clean.

Doggie Bed

If you plan to gift many dog treats, consider a dog bed like the popular Fur Heaven bed instead of a bowl or a basket.

That way, you can neatly organize the dog accessories inside the bed.

Doggie Gift Basket Items

So now that we’ve discussed the basket options, let’s take a look at the stuffers—the items that every puppy and dog will love and that owners will be grateful to receive.

DIY Puppy Gift Basket Items

Vet bills, vaccinations, training classes, and welcoming a new member to the family are expensive.

To help cover the costs, consider the following puppy accessories for your basket/hamper.

Puppy Training Pads

Accidents happen over and over, hence the need for puppy training pads.

Puppy pads are simply lined with heavy-duty absorbent capabilities that catch liquid before they stain carpets or warp wooden floors.

Teething Chew Toys

Durable teething chew toys have two jobs.

Firstly, they act as an aid to help puppies soothe their gums as their teeth cut through.

Secondly, these toys may save your house from destruction! Keeping your puppy entertained with something to gnaw on might mean your doors, sofas, and tables will live to see another day, maybe!

Puppy toys are nice to add to Dog gift baskets because they look nice against practical items.

Note: choose non-toxic and indestructible chews for safety.

Puppy Dental Kit

If you can train them to like their toothbrush from newborn you have just saved yourself a losing battle later in life.

Save them from gum disease and improve their doggy breath drastically with this puppy dental kit, which includes a soft bristle angular toothbrush and doggy toothpaste.

Introduce the brush with paste on it by letting the puppy smell and lick them a few times before trying to fully brush.

Alternatively, try the finger brush approach, in which the owner puts the finger sock toothbrush on their finger and the toothpaste on the finger brush, then rubs across their dog’s teeth.

Puppy Dog Carrier/Sling

OK, now we’re over the cuteness overload, puppy carriers/slings are ideal for taking puppies out on short walks to get used to noises outside.

The carrier should have an attachment that clips onto the puppy collar for extra security and a strap that can be adjusted to comfortably fit the dog’s size.

Go for a machine washable sling to keep it fresh.

Carpet Stain Remover

Yup, the inevitable is going to happen during puppy training.

Add a dog-friendly carpet stain remover to the DIY puppy gift basket; they will thank you later.

These stain removers neutralise odour while removing stains from carpets, soft furnishings and car upholstery.

While you are purchasing clean products, add some laundry detergent to cover the number of loads puppies create.

Cute Dog Scarves and Bandanas

Cute dog scarves and bandanas can be added to any type of DIY bask, but we think they look particularly sweet on poppers.

Bandanas tend to come in packs, and some have themes like these plaid dog scarves.

Young and Mature Dogs Gift Basket

They’re potty trained, can sit and like to sleep for most of the day.

So, what do you get the dog that has grown out of the puppy stage and is slightly more independent?

Note: We wouldn’t advise purchasing a dog lead or harness without discussing with the owner what kind they prefer, as those types of dog gear are very individual.

Dog Treats

Bones, meat and even dog chocolate, there’s a variety of dog treats to bulk out your doggie gift basket.

At Easter, you will find dog Easter eggs, too.

Plaque Remover

It’s called a dog’s breath for a reason! Help do some damage control to the fishy breath situation with plaque remover powder.

You scoop it out of the container and add it to dog food.

While it will not make a dog’s breath minty fresh, it can help loosen hardened plaque and tartar on its teeth.


The FURminator is a brush-like tool which pulls loose fur out of a dog’s undercoat.

It helps owners move the de-shedding process along quicker to return to a hair-free house!

FURminators come in various sizes for different dogs and different fur types.

Lint Rollers

Any hairy dog owner will tell you they have lint rollers in every room of their house, handbag and car!

Say goodbye to velour clothing and hello to the lint roller.


Give it a squeak and watch your dog’s tongue rapid style. We’d love to know what makes our dogs so wild for a squeaky toy.

Senior Dog Gift Basket Ideas

Some, not all, senior dogs are starting to slow down.

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be fussed over and still require walks and entertainment!

Senior Dog Book

We’ve not included pills, oils, and meds in our senior gift basket section, as you should speak to a vet about these items.

However, you can include this guide to caring for a senior dog, “Old Dog Love”, by the vet, TV presenter and content writer Dr Joanna de Klerk.

The book is a resource for senior dog owners and provides detailed tips on tackling the health, behavior, and general changes a dog experiences as it transitions into its twilight years.

This is also the perfect gift for anyone looking to adopt a senior dog so they can understand ageing alignments and treatments.

Senior Dog Toy

A soft rope toy is kind to ageing teeth, so it can entertain and help clean teeth.

Puzzle Feeders

Puzzle feeder food bowls are great for slowing a dog down during mealtimes. Since older dogs tend to hold onto their weight more, the challenge bowl can help.

The plastic bowl has shapes that create sections, forcing the food into different areas, which the dog then needs to work its way around.

There are a variety of shades too.

Puzzle feeders aren’t just for senior dogs, if you young dog chomps down too quickly, give one a try.

Dog Portrait

If you prefer to add a gift for the pet owner, check out these cute dog portraits.

All you need to do is send the Etsy shop owner/artist an image of the dog, and they will create a custom print of it.

Christmas Dog Gift Basket

If you are thinking about putting together a Christmas doggie hamper, here are some items for your good boy/girl.

  • Cute custom Christmas bauble/tree ornament
  • Personalized Christmas dog stocking
  • Festive collar with bow
  • Interactive treat challenge

Road Trip Dog Gift Basket

Is the dog in your life hitting the road on a big adventure?

Traveling with a pet has its perks, but owners shouldn’t underestimate the challenge.

The next section of the gift basket ideas guide suggests some home-from-home comforts for precious pups.

They can also double up as items packed for day trips and hikes.

  • Collapsible dog bowl and food carrier
  • PETKIT water bottle on the go
  • Cooling mat for pets
  • Dog tether and stake

Dog Lover Gift Basket

Maybe you need gift ideas for a dog lover who may or may not be the proud parent of a pup.

Here are some suggestions just as satisfying a boop on the nose.

  • Dog colour book
  • Cute dog mom tumbler
  • Adorable dog socks
  • My kids have paws cup/mug

Final Words

Whether you are building a doggie welcome pack for a friend, a hamper for your fur baby or a dog lover’s gift basket, this guide details the best dog-friendly essentials and entertainment so you can create your own gift with love.

Give the doggo a boop from the team at DIY Gifts.

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