25 DIY Dad Gift Basket Ideas and Fillers

Dad gift basket ideas

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Looking for Dad gift basket ideas he’ll love for Father’s Day, birthdays, baby milestones or just because? This guide details different ideas for creating Father’s Day gift baskets and boxes and fillers that you can purchase online.

We make recommendations for sports fans, gardeners, foodies, expecting and new baby dads so every father is catered for!

As our readers come from all over, we have provided purchase options. Click US or UK to buy an item.

Gifts Basket For Dad Ideas

DNA Ancestry Kit

Man, he’s going to love boring you with the family tree he’ll discover when you get him this DNA ancestry kit US/UK.

All he needs to do is activate the kit online, take a swab of his saliva, send it away and wait for the results.

Then he can go online and start building your family tree. You will think it’s cool one day!

Whiskey Gifts

If your pop is fond of the hard stuff, there are plenty of options for whiskey/whisky fans including this whiskey/whisky tasting course US/UK

Beer Gifts

Challenge him to drink his way around the States (US) or fill in this personalized beer cap holder board US/UK.

If the beer cap holder is too big for your gift basket or box, consider these smaller beer gift items.

  • Beer cooler sleeve US/UK
  • Beer cooler sticks US/UK
  • Beer body soap US
  • Carbonate growler US/UK

Bar in a Jar

If you are looking for a relatively cheap gift basket for dad, a bar in a jar won’t set you back too much.

Grab a mason jar from the kitchen or buy one here (US/UK) and fill it with miniature bottles of scotch, gin, rum, vodka, whatever floats your dad’s bar boat.

You may need to ask an adult of drinking age to pick up miniatures for you and assure them it is for your Dad’s bar in the a jar!

BBQ Meat Seasoning

If he’s taking charge of the cooking, he needs the tools to do it!

This meat rub seasoning US/UK will go down a treat and you win, no more bland BBQ.

Car Washing Gifts

These car washing kits US/UK include everything dads need to clean your car!

Glass clean, tire foam and wax for an extra shine, an easy addition to your dad gift basket.

Pet Portraits

Does dad love his furry child more than you?

Say you understand with this pet portrait US/UK. You might also like our doggy gift basket ideas guide

House Shoes/Slippers

Is it even Father’s Day if you didn’t buy your Dad house shoes?

This typical gift for dads double up as DIY gift baskets too.

Stuff them with things he’ll love to show your appreciation for all that he does for you.

Father’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

In this section, we’re going to suggest things that could be used as the vessel for the gift box items described above. We’ll keep it thematic in each section.

  • A box decorated in old photos
  • Armchair caddy US/UK
  • House shoes/slippers
  • Handly toolbox bag
  • Large beer glass
  • Car wash caddy
  • Food cooler
  • Chef’s hat

Gardening Gift Items

Claw Gloves

Looks a bit Freddie Krueger but these claw gardening gloves (US/UK) are used for digging.

They allow gardeners to push deeper into the soil when planting and mixing fertilizer compared to regular gardening gloves.

Soil Meter

Test moisture, light and PH with this soil meter and reader US/UK.

Can be used indoors and outdoors and no batteries are required.

Gift a Tree

Gift something back with a tree gifting charity certificate or by sponsoring an acre!

Garden Gift Basket or Box Idea

  • A cute flower pot
  • A pallette-style box that can be reused
  • Really handy collapsible bucket like this one US/UK
  • A hose wrapped around itself and secured to create a bucket/basin

Sports-Related Items

Personalized Golf Glove

A lovely touch for a dad golf gift is this personalized golf glove US/UK.

Just let the shop know what text you would like printed on the cuff.


This fishing multi-tool US/UK includes a hook remover, scale scraper, tape measure, bait cutter, flashlight, knife, scissors, weight scale and bottle opener so he’ll never be caught out while he’s out catching.

Ball Game Gift Ideas

Ball game gift ideas are endless. Here are a few suggestions for small items that can fit in a Father’s Day gift basket or whatever the occasion.

  • Softball water bottle US /UK
  • Engraved basketball US/UK
  • Novelty sports mugs like this penal-tea mug (UK) or basketball net mug US/UK
  • Game passes, shirts or signed memorabilia

Sports Gift Basket or Box Idea

  • A novelty sport mug
  • A baseball glove
  • A sports bag
  • A boot bag

Expecting Dad Gift and New Dad Basket Items

Coffee and Cafetiere

As with new mum and expecting gift ideas, the common theme is going to be staying awake and keeping the sugar levels up!

This coffee cafeteria US/UK looks good and keeps coffee warm for 60 minutes which is handy since this man is now controlled by baby time!


Let’s face it, they’ll need their coffee to stay warm longer than 60 minutes, that’s where the Contingo flask US/UK is a winner with its promise of keeping hot liquids warm for 7 hours.

It’s leak and spill-proof too which is an added bonus.

The cup is designed to fit inside the car cup storage so they can take it with them during the secret nighttime drive to send baby to sleep or when out showing off the new addition to the family.

Snack and Energy Drinks

My friend jokes that her husband had a bag full of snacks in “his” hospital bag, just for him…

Multipacks of chips/crisps, candy/sweets, chocolate, nuts and energy drinks will be appreciated for the hospital and late nights.

Hand Cream/Moisurizing Lotion

Newborn babies bring lots of nappy changes and hand washing. A nurturing hand cream like Working Hands US/UK will come in handy, boom boom.

A cheap filler for any daddy gift basket.

New Dad T-Shirt

This cute novelty new daddy t-shirt comes with matching romper for the new one.

A fresh, clean t-shirt is perfect for supporting a long labor in a sweaty hospital room.

A nice expecting dad gift that he can wear with pride alongside his new bub.

Pin to your gifts board to save for later!

Dad gift basket ideas

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