DIY Candy Cones: Instructions & Ideas

Candy Cone Ideas

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Looking for creative ideas for candy cones or wondering how to make them? We love cone treat bags as they look impressive, can be made to represent fun things like carrots and there is so much variety which is great for every season, holiday and party!

This guide explains how to source what you need to make epic looking candy cones, how to assemble the contents best and ideas for themed candy cone bags which can be used for kids parties, party favors, annual events or just for a special treat.

Candy Cones - four clear cone bags filled with colorful candy and pretzels on white table

Candy Cone Shopping List

Before you think about assembling your cone-shaped treat bags, have everything ready.

  • Candy cone bags – clear triangle cellophane bags
  • Twist ties – often comes with the cone bags
  • Contents – candy, chips, pretzels, popcorn
  • Stickers, tissue paper, tape – if you plan to get creative

Alternatively, you can purchase ready-made candy cones!

Candy cone cellophane triangle bags

How To Make Candy Cones

Cone party bags are a stress-free task on your to-do list!

Before putting the candy cones together, clean the surface you plan to work from and wash your hands.

Place all of the items you plan to use out on the surface.

Have the twisted ties close. If you plan to use tape, cut a thumb-sized piece and hang it from a table edge or something similar.

Empty the candy or similar items into clean bowls or tubs.

If you aim to make a multi-coloured candy cone like a rainbow or a cute ombre-style gift bag, arrange all the treats by colour and keep them separated.

Candy on table Candy cone bag

Next, pick up a triangle cellophane bag and open it.

To separate the bag, you may need to poke it with an item such as the end of a wooden spoon. Make sure it is clean.

Add your first treat to the bag; choose something long that fits into the triangular bottom.

Fill the bag as far up as you want, leaving enough room for the twisted tie and some bag at the top.

If the bag has room for too much candy, you can trim it.

Hand holding orange candy in a candy cone bag

Holding the bag in one hand, twist the top and grip the twist shut.

Fasten a twist tie or tape around the twist to keep the candy secure and stop unwanted items from getting into the cone bag.

Fluff up the cellophane at the top.

Try to avoid touching the bag too often once you the candy cone is ready as the bags become tired looking quite quickly.

Consider how long your treat of choice will stay fresh inside the bag.

Five candy cones on white table

How To Make Rainbow Candy Cones

Rainbow candy cones are a little tricker as you want to avoid the colors running into each other.

To avoid this, add your first color (red) and grasp the top of the bag where the red ends, then add your next colour (orange), and repeat until you finish the rainbow.

Rainbow candy cones are very versatile as they can be used for kids’ birthday parties, Easter/spring gifts, St Patrick’s Day party food, and pride parties.

We’ve also created rainbow fruit and candy platters in our DIY Easter charcuterie board ideas guide.

Rainbow candy cone

How To Make Ombre Candy Cones

Ombre is far easier than rainbow as you just have to focus on shades, and the ombre aims to let the colours run into each other.

To get this effect, we built the colors up with the triangle bag lying flat on the table.

The ombre style of candy cone works well with pastel-colored candy such as Mimi Eggs.

Candy on table with ombre candy cone

How To Make Carrot Candy Cones

Alright! We’re getting a little craftier.

For carrot candy cones, you need orange/brown treats such as jelly beans, Mike and Ikes, Skittles, M&Ms, cheesy puffs or pretzels.

Felt board with carrot candy cones

Lay two sheets of green tissue paper on top of each other on a table; see image one.

Place the carrot candy cone on top of the tissue paper.

Cut the tissue paper around the cone bag; see image two.

Place both sheets of green tissue paper inside the cone bag above the candy or chips; see image three.

As with the above cones, twist the bag above the treats and fasten it.

Alternatively, you can fasten the top with green tape for a tissue-paper-free carrot cone.

Candy Cone Ideas

There are so many angles you can take with candy cone ideas.

Here are some we love.

  • Rainbows – Easter, St Patrick’s Day, spring, kids events, unicorn parties, pride, 70s-themed parties
  • Pretty pastel ombre – Easter, spring, kids events, afternoon teas, wedding favors, weddings, baby showers
  • Hot chocolate candy cones – fill up the bag with loose hot chocolate and marshmallows
  • Popcorn – Movie night parties, slumber parties
  • Flags – Three color flags, such as the Ireland flag for St Paddy’s Day
St Patrick's Day Gift Basket Box

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